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Sentrix Cloud-DMZ provides superior DDoS protection across OSI layers 3, 4 and 7 and eliminates website vulnerabilities by actively scanning the application, understanding its functionality and serving a secure, cloud-based replica.

Unlike conventional WAFs and DDoS solutions Sentrix Cloud-DMZ automates web application security maintenance and deploys in hours.

Sentrix Cloud-DMZ continuously synchronizes with application releases so security is always up to date. It accelerates the application by up to X3 by serving traffic from a cloud-based, lightweight replica.

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10 Young Security Companies to Watch in 2015

We are proud to be selected one of 10 young security companies to watch in 2015!

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IDC Report: Sentrix

Sentrix achieves a score of 16/20 based on IDC's Watchlist Scoring System, analyzing the company's key success factors.

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“The most costly cyber crimes are those caused by denial of services, malicious code and web-based attacks.” Ponemon: 2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States
"The network layer receives the highest allocation at 40 percent of total dedicated IT security funding."
Ponemon: 2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States
The security
Sentrix's solution significantly reduces the attack surface by decoupling the Web application presentation layer from its business logic components and acting as the front end for the application and treating each transaction according to its context.
Dan Yachin, IDC, 2015
Cloud-based security services offer an easy and effective way to make websites faster and protect websites against hackers and bots.
Lawrence Pingree, Gartner Information Security Research
Sentrix qualifies as high-security in that it whitelists requests that get passed through to customers’ infrastructure.
Adam Hils, Gartner Information Security Research
The Sentrix approach is unique in that it looks at specific transactions on sites and focuses on those.
Adrian Lane, Analyst and and CTO, Securosis